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Haisraelim Band

Jewish Wedding Music Band for Luxury Events.

‘Haisraelim Band’ is a Jewish wedding music band. As expected, all band members and crew are Jewish and familiar with all Jewish traditions. Our repertoire consists a 40 – 70 minutes of Jewish traditional songs medley, includes all top hits of that genre. In addition, all songs played with traditional authentic instruments live and well musically arranged with high energy beats. Of course, this is only one part of the event. Then, the next ‘energy stage’ of your event will take place, with contemporary dance hits combined with Israeli modern light middle-eastern genre songs. Furthermore, special features, instruments and effects are based on a synced spacial software which is integrated with our live band and make us unique and special like all big Pop productions.

The importance of the right choice!

Wedding day or Bar/Bat Mizvah for that matter, is a big day and with big decisions to make. Decisions such as choosing your Jewish wedding music band will reflect your unique and special evening. Obviously, you will be looking for the best you can find in every aspects. Therefore one thing that has the most influence on your wedding, is the performance of your music band. hence, you’ll have to ask and check very important questions regarding that band:
Is it a live performance music band? Are they professional musicians? What kind of show they perform? Are they proficient with the Jewish traditions? Do they make Jewish medley with an authentic atmosphere and authentic instruments? How they integrate it with new /modern songs? Can they play new repertoire from Israel? What about the Chuppah ceremony and reception? Do they play at dinner? and so on..

‘Haisraelim Band’ covers it all and more!

We are from Israel, all band members are professional musicians who play with famous artists in Israel, and the best of all, we are very experienced performing in Europe and America; London, Miami, Paris, Buenos Aires, we have been everywhere.

Your evening format can be either contemporary or traditional. It’s all up to you and we will make it as you wish.

Every client has his wishes, we just work hard to make it happen for you.

Jewish wedding music bandJewish wedding music band Jewish wedding music band

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